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Welcome wooooorrrlddd! Life is amazing with Kamasing! Kamasing is a powerful and fantastic learning tool that Allows Children to grasp educational concepts with ease And enjoyment! -"educational entertainment takes learning to another level!" -"catchy, engaging, inspiring, and delightable for every child" Play the songs in the car, at birthday parties, at home in the classroom, at daycares, on smart devices, or simply at your leisure and watch magic happen with your child's love for learning in a miraculous manner. Let's change the face of kidspiration and education, and let us all be absolutely Kamasing! 

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Woohoo! New releases this holiday season! K-teens. Self Esteem pop songs, learning songs, and fun dance songs!  You will even enjoy our new baby and toddlers songs coming soon. Launching "The Shake Song" 

Our Kamasing Pop Singles are now available on PANDORA, itunes, cdbaby, Amazon, and more! Songs now for ANY AGE! Take a listen to the newly released NOUN SONG and LET'S HAVE SOME FUN too! 

Great News! Kamasing is a series with dozens of more songs to come in the future for babies and kids 2 to teens! You will be able to enjoy songs such as; The Noun Song, Possessive Nouns, Contractions, The Suffix Song, Informational Text, Predicting and more! It is going to be totally Dill Awesome! Did we mention that we are also working on an inspirational pop album for kids of all ages? Looks like our dream of inspiring the world is coming true!


One of our little kid Dill Genius singers said ... "Maybe we will win a kids music Grammy too!"





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  • The Verb Song
  • The Good Morning Song!
  • Seven Days in One Week
  • Months of the Year
  • Fall, Winter, Spring, & Summer!
  • Sleep Tight Hello
  • The Adding Song
  • Do You Know How to Rhyme?
  • I am Incredible, remarkable, & Special … I am Kamasing!

New Kamasing Pop Album! Songs available now! Kids, Tweens, & Teens!

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