Pookie - Leader of the bunch, spunky, super curious, and never gives up on any sticky situation!

Age: 107,000 Dilltopia Years = 7 years old in Earth Years

Favorite Color: Purple

Dill Super Powers: Pookies trustworthy Zickle

Favorite Food: Dill Chunky Burgers with Speeze

Favorite Songs: The Verb Song & Dill Dill Jungle Berry!

Favorite Dill Quote: " All Things are Dill Purple Possible "



  Limbo - The Protector of the group - Flexible, friendly, and feels like it's his duty to keep the

   dill girls safe!

Age: 108,000 Diltopia years = 8 years old in Earth years

Super Powers: Super flexible limbs and his flying skateboard

Favorite color: Green

Favorite Food:  Dillgetti and Tweat Balls

Favorite Songs:  Sleep Tight Hello and Ha Ha Dill Bumble Fun!

Favorite Quote: "Never Give up, your dill surprise is around the corner!"


Bubbles - The sweet one of the bunch! Bubbly, goes with the dill purple flow, and is loyal to the Pink!

Age: 105,000 Dilltopia = 5 years old in Earth years.

Super Dill Powers: Blows Super Bubbles

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Songs: Kamasing and Dill You ... Be You!

Favorite Dill Quote: " Never let your dill star turn blue"