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Sticky Wicky Starfish

Ages 5 -10 Years of age

Pookie Writing Journal for kids

Pre-k Thru First 


Second thru Fourth Grade Available!

Launching our Brand Spankin' New Series Little Dill Reader!

Literacy and grammar small books for kids ages 5 thru 9 years old


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The Pookie Sight Word App, The Pookie & The Lost Shoe e-book, and .. The Dill Wonder Journal (a kid & teacher favorite).


 Dill Purple Geniuses introduces Pookie and the Lost Shoe



everrrrrr! She is going to the Dill Perfect Parade to ride the famous Dill Slide Ride... But her patience is tested when she can't find her perfect purple shoe. With the help of the reader, Pookie looks in many different places around her house to try to find her favorite shoe. Will Pookie's day turn out the way she has planned and hoped? Time is running out and Pookie is getting worried that she may miss out on all the fun!

Will you help Pookie find her shoe?

Take a peek inside Pookie and the Lost Shoe!


Come enjoy an engaging and educational journey led by a group of characters who will keep children captivated from beginning to end. The missing link to elementary education, Dill Purple Geniuses introduces an absolutely inspiring way to help children master the key academic concept of prepositions through not just reading, but experiencing, the creative story Pookie and the Lost Shoe.

Now Pookie is in 2D! Sticky Wicky Starfish: Learn your blends, science, & a moral all in one!



The Anticipation is High Dill Friends!Pookie is at it again … she is on another whimsical adventure with the Dill Purple Geniuses. Sticky Wicky Starfish is a great learning experience for all kids. Introducing blends to help teach kids how to read, Pookie finds herself in a sticky situation trying to catch these magical fish. Can you help her catch one? We shall see….Sticky Wicky Starfish is a great learning tool for parents, the classroom, I.B. Unit of Inquiries, thinking deeper to the core! Common Core, literacy standards, and even great for science centers and aquarium gift shops! Each of our Dill Purple Geniuses stories have an inspirational moral at the end too! What better way to learn. Again, Pure Genius! Oh dill goodness!!!! Did we forget to mention that a new Dill Purple Genius will be revealed in this new adventure!! We wonder who? Stay Tuned!