Pookie is in Pookie’s Playhouse

What a find! Pookie is in an oversized playhouse. Boy oh boy kids who wounding love this. Keep following Pookie to see where she visits next!!

Pookie is having a Artsy Ball at the Chalk Festival!

Pookie loves going to the chalk festival to see the fantastic art on the sidewalks. Hey kids, some of you love drawing on the sidewalks with chalk. Maybe pookie can join you and just maybe pokies picture may be at next years chalk festival in Pasadena California. You never know!

Pookie is at the Car Show!

Wooohoo! Pookie was able to see lots of dill awesome cars from the past. Do you know what the past is kids? we have a Past and future song coming out soon for you to enjoy. Pookie loves sharing her adventures with you. Maybe you can take up an interest in cars and start going […]

OMG, White Lions!!

The white lion is an amazing animal. Let’s read more kids about the history of white lions and where they are located. Are they real or fictional. You be the judge. Read 725 times on dillpurplegeniuses.com http://funmozar.com/white-lion/

Wow! An Invasion of Christmas Crabs!

An unbelievable sight kids! Red cabs everywhere!! Imagine seeing thousands of crabs once stepping out your door. Learn about these Christmas crabs, where they originated and how there name came about. Click on the link and remember to click the back button to return to our DillPG site for more fun OMG’s! http://www.ripleys.com/blog/christmas-island-red-crab/  

Did You Know Pink Dolphins Exist?

We came across this great fascination! Pink Dolphins! Take a peek and click on the link to read more facts. Remember to click the back button to return back to our awesome Dill Site for more OMG’s. Photo by Flickr.