Pookie is @ Vision Theater!

Hello dill kids, Pookie is at Vision theater getting ready to perform her very best Pookie show evvvvverrr! A Pookie pointer for you, is that you should always do what you were born to do and steer the way of your heart! All things will happen, if you believe!

Say What!! Ants do not sleep?

You really do not think about this next OMG until someone points  it out, but did you know, that ants do not sleep! Here is an extended OMG, there are billions of ants in the world and for everyone human being there are 1 million ants. OMG, How can that be?

Berries! Berries!

Wow, I always thought different. Did you know that bananas are a berry? OMG, how can that be, a berry? Did you also know that strawberries are not a berry? When we learned this great science fact, we were baffled! Oh boy, when you think you know something … knowledge is definitely amazing and power…

Where Does Gum Come From?

  Did you know chewing gum comes from a tree? Well, an important ingredient in gum is called chicle and it comes from a tree. Aztec Indians in Mexico used to chew chicle to clean their teeth. In the late 1800s, a man named Thomas Adams mixed chicle with sugar and flavors and created gum,…

Pookie is Preparing for the Snow!

A Dill Brrrrr! Pookie & baby emoji are wishing and hoping everyone on the east coast is staying warm! That winter storm is bringing a dill chill like never before! Thank goodness Pookie brought her magical flower power winter cap, she won’t get cold anymore now! #winterstorm #staywarm #Kids #besafe