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Hello parents and teachers! Need to keep your child or student busy in a positive and productive way this summer? Visit our kids zone @ #join #teachers #parents #kids #summer #kidszone #fun #learning #elementarygrades #primary #moms #games #learning #fun #worksheets #art #books #music #dancing #inspiration #homeschooling #homeschoolingparents #homeschoolingmom #mommy #reading #math #science #diilllearningchannel #dillpurplegeniuses

New Worksheet lesson! Copy

Check out our new reading lesson using word families. You can now teach your child or student how to read all in one easy lesson.  flip through our flip preview below to check it out!

Homeschooling Your Special Needs Child Podcast!

Hello parents we now have a podcast series that supports parents and teachers. With Distance Learning around the corner, you can now listen to good tips to help you not just survive the school year, but get through it with excellence and with reduced stress!

Pre-Order Our Brand New Reading Kit For Teachers, Parents, and Kids!

Take advantage friends and just in time for the beginning of school! Purchase your reader kit early and recieve a great savings. Jump start and motivate your child by incorporating creativity and inspiration into their reading experience. Training videos included in the price! Order today for your school, teachers … or parents receive relief from […]


After becoming an entrepreneur, I have learned a lot of valuable lessons. The largest lesson I have learned centers on being organized in every area of my life.  The more organized I am, the less I encounter frustrating situations  in my personal and business world(s). I know exactly where things are, I utilize a calendar, […]

13 Reasons You Are Failing At Relationships!

Being single can come with great rewards, privileges, and challenges. If you are someone who desires to have companionship and you keep wondering why you are meeting the same type of individual, receiving the same type of treatment, or producing the same types of results, then here are 13 reasons that may better equip you […]

How To Move Forward When You Feel Worn Out!

Life can deal some very hard punches. It can even look as if some people are experiencing a better life than what you are dealing with. I can assure you that the outside smiles of others is in many cases an illusion. Meaning, they have had some hardships to endure themselves. It is just how they […]

Routines – Why Baby Needs Structure!

Once I found out that I was pregnant, I knew to immediately begin reading to my little one while she was in my belly.  This was my way to bond, and allow her to begin hearing language,  while also introducing her to her first routine of story time with mommy. Once my little one was […]

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Families today go through alot of cycles, emotions, and life experiences which can many times leave them drained and overwhelmed. The truth and reality is… life happens to everyone.  The best way to experience a rewarding life, is to work as a team.  It is necessary. Working as a team requires patience, great communication, and […]

Six Great Outdoor Summer Ideas to Keep Your Kids Busy!

Six Great Outdoor Summer Ideas to Keep Your Kids Busy Everyone wants to enjoy the summer – especially children. And if the weather is nice, there’s nothing like spending a few hours outdoors with your children. Sunshine and togetherness make for a happy family. Lots of people – kids included – spend too much time […]

Six Great Indoor Summer Ideas to Keep Your Kids from Getting Bored! 

Six Great Indoor Summer Ideas to Keep Your Kids from Getting Bored  If your child’s summer break has started, you have most likely heard them make that dreaded statement: “I’m bored.” You might want to tell them, “Then clean your room,” or “Help me make dinner.” Of course, getting them to help with chores on […]

Three Important Questions to Ask Your Child’s Teacher

A school-aged child spends about six hours at school during the week. This doesn’t include extracurricular activities. Needless to say, your child’s teacher likely gets to know your child very well. In some areas, the teacher will likely know your child better than you do. So how do you use this to help your son […]

Two Parenting Truths to Always Remember

Two Parenting Truths to Always Remember It’s no secret that we like life to be easy. When we face challenging or difficult times, a natural response is to ask, “What did I do wrong?” It’s also no secret that parenting is not easy. The simple fact of raising a child with a mind of his […]

How to Create a Mission Statement for Parenting

Pretty much every company or organization has a mission statement (at least the ones that are serious about what they do). This statement outlines their goals and vision – their mission, their reason for existence. So, why is it that moms and dads rarely put together a mission statement when they become parents? The mission […]

Parent Must Have!

  I absolutely love the Parent Must Have days. This is the time I get to share a wonderful find and have a great excuse for hubby as to why I bought another item for baby lolol. Todays Must Have is the Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother. Let me just say, that this toy has […]