Download Our Kid Friendly Pop Learning Songs!

Don’t forget to download our learning songs to help support your child’s learning. Use it before a lesson, at leisure, and as a fun family group ensemble! Either way, kids are learning! Visit our store or

We love our awesome crowds!

It is you friends who keep us doing what we do and we love it! It’s all about the crowds that come out and support us with high energy. Kids who are ready to learn and build their confidence through pop songs that absolutely ROCK! You are awesome kids! #kids #parents #crowds #concert

Dill Kids At Solstice Festival!

Come and join all the Dill fun this Sunday at the Santa Monica Solstice Festival! The Dill Kids Live will be spreading inspiration, fun, stories, give-aways, and more! Lets move and inspire one another together!

Dill Kid Selfie Moment!

An awesome dill kid selfie moment #1 @ the So. Cal. Moms Great Big Family Play Day! #redcarpet #liveshow #fun #thankyou #booksandcookies

Dill Kids Back on The Road!

We have cranked up and we are back on the traveling road. Please make sure you tell all your friends about us and meet up with us at our Public events! We have private and public events and we love spreading dill magic at each and everyone of them. #dillkidslive #livekidsconcert #learning #inspiration #fun

Dill Kids Live @ the Autry Museum!

What an awesome show at the Autry Museum for the So. Cal Moms Great Big Family Play Day! We made new dill friends and fans and we cannot wait to bring a little dill magic to our next event!

The Dill Kids Live are spreading Dill Magic!

Follow the Dill Kids Live here or @   They are contagious and spreading their magic to kids everywhere! Visit our contact page for more information on how to book the dill kids for your event. #dillkidslive #kids #pookie #liveshow

Dill Kids Live @ Los Angeles Wellness Festival!

Dill Kids Live will be at the Los Angeles Wellness festival performing with magician Mayseo at 3pm.  It is going to be great dill magic that every family will enjoy. #inspiration #learning #story-time #dancing and more!  3341W. #3rd Place .. Los Angeles , CA.

Next Stop! Knott’s Berry Farm!

The dill kids will be at Knott’s Berry Farm May 27th @ 2pm! Come join us for a little dill magical inspiration and learning that will keep your kids moving, dancing, and singing!

Dill Kids in Monrovia Again:)

Now to our next stop.. Monrovia Street Festival.  Come dance, move, and groove, at our dill kids live event this Friday in Monrovia California at the festival. .#inspiration #antibullying#storytelling #danceconcert #dillparty #giveaways #magic

A Huge Thank you for the visit in Glendale!

Thank you Glendale for the visit.. We had a great time spreading a little dill magic to the kids. remember to also follow the dill kids live at .#inspiration #antibullying#storytelling #danceconcert #dillparty #giveaways #magic

Dill Kids Live will be in Glendale Today

Awesome! Today the Dill Kids Live will be in Glendale @ Ackwater. You will be amazing Dill Kids & We are on a dill blessed role. Multiple shows this week. #nevergiveup #dillkidslive #goinghigher#awesometalentagent #anotherbooking #inspiration