After becoming an entrepreneur, I have learned a lot of valuable lessons. The largest lesson I have learned centers on being organized in every area of my life.  The more organized I am, the less I encounter frustrating situations  in my personal and business world(s). I know exactly where things are, I utilize a calendar, […]

It’s About The Benefits, Not The Benjamins!

As I age, I realize that life hits everyone. You never know the cards that will be dealt to you.  One big aha moment, is maturing and understanding that working for money should not be your sole focus. It’s also the benefits! Did you know that one surgery or hospital stay for more than a […]

Your Marriage or Your Job!

Life gives us a number of opportunities on our journey. Beautiful opportunities in fact … if you are the type of individual to take hold and pursue. Sometimes the exhilarating amount of opportunities that are out there can fog our vision and allow us to slip blindly into something that may throw off our priorities. […]

How To Move Forward When You Feel Worn Out!

Life can deal some very hard punches. It can even look as if some people are experiencing a better life than what you are dealing with. I can assure you that the outside smiles of others is in many cases an illusion. Meaning, they have had some hardships to endure themselves. It is just how they […]

Two Parenting Truths to Always Remember

Two Parenting Truths to Always Remember It’s no secret that we like life to be easy. When we face challenging or difficult times, a natural response is to ask, “What did I do wrong?” It’s also no secret that parenting is not easy. The simple fact of raising a child with a mind of his […]

How to Create a Mission Statement for Parenting

Pretty much every company or organization has a mission statement (at least the ones that are serious about what they do). This statement outlines their goals and vision – their mission, their reason for existence. So, why is it that moms and dads rarely put together a mission statement when they become parents? The mission […]

What to do When Baby Gets Sick

This is what every mother dreads, a baby that catches a cold or virus. No one wants to see their child in pain and it is a little tricky with babies, because you cannot really give them medication.  So, what should you do when baby (from Newborns through toddler age – 1 1/2 -2) becomes […]

Three Tips on Keeping Kids Safe for Halloween

  Okay, I know there are plenty of parenting debates about Halloween and whether children should even go trick-or-treating. Whether the core of the debate is about the sugar content of candy or the origins of the holiday, some parents are for it and some are against it. That isn’t the subject of this post, […]