Six Great Outdoor Summer Ideas to Keep Your Kids Busy!

Six Great Outdoor Summer Ideas to Keep Your Kids Busy Everyone wants to enjoy the summer – especially children. And if the weather is nice, there’s nothing like spending a few hours outdoors with your children. Sunshine and togetherness make for a happy family. Lots of people – kids included – spend too much time […]

Six Great Indoor Summer Ideas to Keep Your Kids from Getting Bored! 

Six Great Indoor Summer Ideas to Keep Your Kids from Getting Bored  If your child’s summer break has started, you have most likely heard them make that dreaded statement: “I’m bored.” You might want to tell them, “Then clean your room,” or “Help me make dinner.” Of course, getting them to help with chores on […]

Three Important Questions to Ask Your Child’s Teacher

A school-aged child spends about six hours at school during the week. This doesn’t include extracurricular activities. Needless to say, your child’s teacher likely gets to know your child very well. In some areas, the teacher will likely know your child better than you do. So how do you use this to help your son […]

So Your Kid Is A Star! Breaking Your Child Into Hollywood!

Many parents have been asking for articles, podcasts, or videos to teach them how to get started when it comes to introducing their child to the entertainment world. When the Dill Kids Live are out doing shows or on the set filming videos or making guest appearances, like clockwork, we are always getting approached by […]

Three Ways to Help Your Child Embrace Happiness

We all want to be happy, right? Isn’t that the pursuit so many people aim toward? As a parent, you not only want personal happiness, but you want your child to be happy as well. Some children seem to be born with a happy-gene (if there is one) while other children seem to struggle to […]

When Kids Talk Back! 5 Tips to Stop Rude Behavior

Nip It in the Bud! If you do not stop talking back at a young age, kids will grow up to bring you much heartache. Teach Them Respect! Many kids talk back because they do not know how to be respectful. Teach them what it means to be respectful. Have them practice serving and being […]