You may wonder why you never have a healthy savings or enough money to indulge in enjoyable extracurricular life activities.  Many have never truly been able to place a solid grasp on a good credit score nor have learned how to dismantle poor spending habits.  Below are five reasons why you never have any moolaaaah […]

It’s About The Benefits, Not The Benjamins!

As I age, I realize that life hits everyone. You never know the cards that will be dealt to you.  One big aha moment, is maturing and understanding that working for money should not be your sole focus. It’s also the benefits! Did you know that one surgery or hospital stay for more than a […]

Traveling with Baby on a Family Road Trip

It’s that time of year and summer is approaching quickly.  What do families do?  Many hit the road to embark on creating new memories in the hot sun and visiting the glistening beaches.  I just recently took a trip with our little one who is only a few months old and it was a little […]