It is Back To School!

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What Did Pookie See At The Zoo?

Pookie is back at the zoo today and she is learning all about Zebras! She learned that zebras use their stripes to camouflage.

It is coming! Our Brand New Kidszone!

OMG! Our brand new website is almost here! Boy do we have a surprise for parents and teachers. We have also added a new Pre-school Zone for Toddlers and 4 year olds. It just keeps getting better and better! A great holiday gift.

Support Kids and Make Money Teaching! It’s finally here!

Yay! It’s Here! We are beyond thrilled to introduce our latest and greatest, VideosPayTeachers! If you are looking for a second income and you love to teach or coach, then this is the place for you! We already have instructors signing up to create courses online through our platform to share their talents with the […]

We Have A New Holiday Coloring Book Launching!

We are happy to share that our new Dill Purple Geniuses Holiday Coloring Book will be launching right before the holidays! Starting soon, you will be able to order your copy! A great dill gift!

New Product Alert! Interactive Morning Calendar

Primary Grade teachers can use this interactive calendar with their kids during their morning review time. They will identify the calendar, count to 100, count by 5’s, count by 10’s, demonstrate place value, identify the days of the week, recognize the months of the year, and more! Visit our TPT Store to download @ […]

Watch our Science Stem Videos on The Kidzone!

We are excited to share the launch of our new upcoming shows Blip and Bloop’s Science Scoop! Now kids and adults can
enjoy learning about science in a fun and hilarious manner! Watch now on our website in the kids zone on our Science
and STEM Activities button, our Youtube channel, and social media outlets!
Dill Purple Geniuses Learning Channel Youtube!

Pre-Order Our Brand New Reading Kit For Teachers, Parents, and Kids!

Take advantage friends and just in time for the beginning of school! Purchase your reader kit early and recieve a great savings. Jump start and motivate your child by incorporating creativity and inspiration into their reading experience. Training videos included in the price! Order today for your school, teachers … or parents receive relief from […]

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We Offer Teacher Tech Tutorials

We have new Teacher Tech Tutorials on our Youtube channel, coming soon to our website. Just follow and subscribe so that we can continue to help and support teachers, parents, and kids globally! Visit at Dill Purple Geniuses Learning Channel@

Coronavirus (COVID – 19) and Schools

Dear Dill Friends, We understand that schools across the country and throughout the world are temporarily closing to contain the spread of COVID- 19.  These times are historic and everyone right now, are placed into positions to work as a team to try to figure out this new normal.  It is a huge challenge for […]

Watch our New Storytime Show!

Enjoy our Pookie’s Playhouse Story-time on our Youtube channel! It is doing amazing and now kids can enjoy it free on our website and social media channels! #story #storytime #kids #pookiesplayhousestories #imagination #adventure #andfun

Download Our Kid Friendly Pop Learning Songs!

Don’t forget to download our learning songs to help support your child’s learning. Use it before a lesson, at leisure, and as a fun family group ensemble! Either way, kids are learning! Visit our store or