Pookie Meeting up with R2D2!

Where in the World is Pookie? Pookie is on her Star Wars space travels mingling with R2D2, Yoda, and a few other friends made out of legos. Now that is pretty dill awesome! Follow at dillpurplegeniuses.com and click the kidzzone #starwars #whereisPookie #kids #travels #science #engineering #parents #funlearning #dillpurplegeniuses #followusformore

Floating Fish and the Ocean!

Where in the World is Pookie? She is dancing around with floating fish and sea animals. How cool! #whereispookie #traveling #kidsbooks #kids #learning dillpurplegeniuses.com

Pookie is learning about how people cooked in the past!

Where in the world is Pookie? Pookie’s travels have led her to the 19th century where she is learning about ancient stoves, ovens, and how food was prepared during historical times! @dillpurplegeniuses.com #follow #subscribe #join #pookie #socialstudies #onlinelearning #kids #parents #teachers

The Geniuses Are Having Fun In The Sun!

Pookie and the Dill purple Geniuses are getting in  last minute water fun before summer comes to an end! What were some amazing things you did this summer friends? Draw a picture and upload it to our Arts page!  Remember to make this new school year dill awesome!

Remember to Social Distance!

Where is Pookie? She is getting ready for the holidays by reflecting and socially distancing.  Pookie cannot wait to eat all of that good food for Thanksgiving!

Pookie is going under the Sea!

Pookie is virtually going under the sea to visit and meet different types of sea life. It is so great to sit down and learn about life under the sea and the different water creatures that help to define the planet earth! Lets become great sea geniuses together kids!!

Pookie and the Sea! Jellyfish Galore!

Pookie had an amazing trip at the aquarium. She met amazing jellyfish that seemed to take over. Did you know this cool fact about jellyfish kids? Jellyfish are mostly made of water and they are not a fish. So why are they called jellyfish?  Hmmm. that is something to really think about and Pookie will […]

Pookie is in France!!!??!!

Bonjour kids!! Pookie stopped up north in France in her colorful Bella wagon.  Follow to see where she stops next!

Where is Pookie Kids?

Pookie is on tour meeting new people and places! Right now Pookie is at an infamous bread bakery visiting with an alligator full of dough! Awesome creativity.

Pookie Visits The San Diego Zoo For the Holidays!

It was pretty nippy kids, but Pookie had an amazing time seeing different animals and meeting new friends at the San Diego Zoo in California.  There were amazing animals there that Pookie had no idea even existed.  We are definitely going to write about Pookie’s adventure in the OMG How Can that Be!! blog.  Until […]

Pookie is @ Vision Theater!

Hello dill kids, Pookie is at Vision theater getting ready to perform her very best Pookie show evvvvverrr! A Pookie pointer for you, is that you should always do what you were born to do and steer the way of your heart! All things will happen, if you believe!

Pookie is Learning Mandarin!

Pookie decided to pick up a 10th language and is learning how to write a few words in mandarin. How Dill Cool! Learning about different cultures expands your mind and happiness level kids!

Let the Holidays Begin!

Pookie is enjoying her favorite Carmel Frap @ Starbucks to kick off the Thanksgiving Holiday! “This is the Dill life!”

Pookie’s @The Studio !

Hey there kids, Pookie is at the music studio laying down some hot vocals for the upcoming new songs for the holidays! #songs #newmusic #kidfriendly