7 Signs You are with a Good Man!

How do you know that you are with a good mate? There are signs that can trigger warnings /red flags, but there are good flags too. Below are 5 ways to determine you are with a good man. 1. He listens to you. 2. He cares about your needs and is always concerned about your […]

Your Marriage or Your Job!

Life gives us a number of opportunities on our journey. Beautiful opportunities in fact … if you are the type of individual to take hold and pursue. Sometimes the exhilarating amount of opportunities that are out there can fog our vision and allow us to slip blindly into something that may throw off our priorities. […]

10 Ways To Know You Are With Someone Who Truly Loves You!

Life is pretty tricky when it comes to trying to pick a good mate or companion. People can portray a certain personality in the very beginning, but allow that same personality to die away once they crossed the totally committed line. We can never control another individual, so it can be pretty frustrating when you invest your […]

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Families today go through alot of cycles, emotions, and life experiences which can many times leave them drained and overwhelmed. The truth and reality is… life happens to everyone.  The best way to experience a rewarding life, is to work as a team.  It is necessary. Working as a team requires patience, great communication, and […]

Three Ways to Help Your Child Embrace Happiness

We all want to be happy, right? Isn’t that the pursuit so many people aim toward? As a parent, you not only want personal happiness, but you want your child to be happy as well. Some children seem to be born with a happy-gene (if there is one) while other children seem to struggle to […]

Why Dating Your Spouse Will Save Your Marriage!

Just today, I listened to someone explain how their marriage and family has broken down and that they are now divorced.  It made me feel very sad, because I believe marriage can be the most rewarding gift that an individual can experience.  As I listened, it was quite obvious why the marriage fell apart and […]