Dangerous Flu! Safe Guarding Your family!

This year the flu has gotten verrrrrrry scary and the media is not making it any better.  I even have friends that are calling saying,” stay in!!!”, because the flu got them as well and it took them down like never before.  I am on maternity long leave (1year) and so far baby and I have been looking out the window much of those days avoiding the outside world. If anyone knows me, I can be a real paranoid mama (and that is not good lol). Not going around crowds and going out periodically while everyone is at work, has been our life-saver and safe guard. I mean, if you are not around the germ and if people are not breathing all over you when they KNOW they are sick (hmmm? a big WTH- What the Heck! ), then you can avoid the bug. But of course, the reality is that people have to work and kids have to go to school right?  The other scary reality, is that people go to work sick and send their kids to school sick.  I mean really mama, you know your kids aggressively runny nose means they are not well.  So what happens? In sloooow motion, they drop their child off and Hoooorrayy! Yep, the germ begins its attack and mutates differently in each body.  Not cool! Because this flu has actually been taking the lives of kids and adults at an alarming rate.

I am no genius, well I guess a dill purple genius, but below are a few natural tips on how to safeguard your family during flu season.

  1. Eat super healthy and get plenty of sleep everyday.  This will give your immune system a nice boost to fight or avoid the flu.
  2. Drink Tea! I find that if you drink 1 to 2 cups of tea with lemon and honey (not sugar, because viruses feed off of sugar), you are giving your immune system a head start to avoid the germ.  If you have caught a cold or flu, drinking unbelievable amounts of hot lemon tea and honey right when you feel it coming on, can allow you to get over it quicker. Viruses do not like warm places.
  3. Take vitamins and drink orange juice daily.
  4. Stay home when you BEGIN to feel unwell. Many of us still go to work when we do not feel well.  Going out in the environment with more germs while fighting a germ is not good.  Your immune system is trying to fight off one germ and then you breathe in another, and that is a recipe for coming down with the full blown flu. Stay home and you will have a better chance to knock it out of the box quicker.
  5. Wear a mask in and outside the house. I do not care how foolish I look. I HATE BEING SICK! If you wear a mask ( I double up the masks or purchase a more durable mask against germs lol), your chances of catching or spreading the virus is cut down by alot.
  6. Keep a sterilized and clean home.  Many people do not realize how often they touch an object and then touch all over their face or near their mouth.  If you are constantly washing your hands and keeping your home and environment clean, it keeps you healthy. Also, when you are out keep hand sanitizer on you. You are always touching doors, counters, pens, handles, etc.
  7. Try to avoid large crowds during the season.  Face it, some people are disrespectful today and will go out or talk in your face knowing they have a sore throat coming on or a cough.  WOW!
  8. Go to the doctor after a couple of days and please do not wait it out. It is better to be safe than sorry. This strand of flu is turning into pneumonia and other things. Remember the motto,  “If you wait, it makes you late! “
  9. Teach your children to keep their hands from their face, wash their hands, or use their hand sanitizer at school. I knew a little girl who was very good at this. She even knew how to spot another friend with a cold and took measures to protect herself. Smart kid. It can be done:)
  10. Down the liquids and soups! Drink Drink and eat eat eat hot soup! Again like the tea (even if you have to be a maniac about it), viruses hate the heat and love it when you lay like a log not doing anything because you are too ill to move.  While you are not eating or drinking hot liquids or juice, the virus is multiplying! Oh boy:(

Of course, if you are not allergic to the flu shot, then get the shot as well.  Although they say this year, it was only 10 to 20 percent effective or not effective at all for some people. That is why knowing some natural safe guards is also a good thing. I know families who do not get the flu, because they protect themselves.  I do not like to see anyone sick let alone  my family get knocked down. If you have a newborn or baby, remember that you will have to stay up allllllll nighjt with them. Sorry moms, its is normally us.  Purchase a humidifier, nose suction thing-a-mah-jig (constantly suction their nose. but not too much), baby tylenol,  change diapers & breastfeed with a mask on (or while feeding an older baby), and PRAY ( i’m serious)! It will work out okay:)

Christine Parker – Mommy, blogger, and Dill Team Member! 


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