“The Kamasing tunes are not only extremely catchy for the kids, but even I found myself singing them. They really stick with you.”

Robert Miller, Parent, Phoenix Arizona

“Using the Kamasing CD as a teaching tool in the classroom has changed my perspective and has allowed me to reach more students than ever before with their learning.”

Christy Carrillo, Teacher California

“Pookie and the Lost Shoe is an inspiring learning tool for kids. I especially enjoyed the last page of the book. I can’t leak the end, so you have to pick one up for yourself.”

Jermaine Lindsey, Assistant Vice President WB Development Citigroup, New Jersey

“The Kamasing songs have brought me to a new level of motivation. My students are happy and engaged and what’s most important, they are having fun learning!”

Irene Olmos, Teacher California

“The Kamasing songs are a wonderful gateway to introduce and prepare early learners for their grade level concepts and comprehension. The songs are so interactive and engaging that the kids are not even aware that they are learning!”

Cheryl Alexander, Reading Specialist California

“Pookie and the Lost Shoe is a delightful book that will capture a child’s imagination while helping to provide critical foundational education through concepts, pictures and exercises. I actually found myself so engrossed in the book mentally, that I was looking for a purple shoe in my home.”

Renault Ross-Motivational Speaker & U.S.-S.P. Architect for Symantec Corp. /Norton Atlanta Georgia

“This is an entertaining and engaging way to begin the learning process. The lessons learned here are foundational and will serve as a good basis for a successful educational life for years to come.”

Daniel Ferguson, Producer/ Director California

“Pookie and the Lost Shoe and the Kamsing CD are both refreshing and pure genius! The Dill Purple Geniuses will without a doubt, help children build educational confidence around the world!”

Xpose Talent Agency California

“This book is fun for the whole family to share, and is filled with vibrant colors, and beautiful illustrations. This book would also make for a great gift.”

Pasadena/San Gabriel Valley Journal