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The heart of Dill Purple Geniuses is to inspire, assist, and provide wonderful support to all teachers and children globally! Whether you are a parent, home-schooler, or a teacher for a public, private, charter, or church school; here you can help anchor any child’s learning by receiving free worksheets, lessons, tips, and inspirational downloads.

Our Worksheets are aligned with the U.S and International standards based curriculum or standards. Whether you are in California, Ohio, Texas, Canada, parts of Africa, or Europe, you will find worksheets/lessons that will support your child or classroom.

Be sure to peek in periodically to see what new worksheets we have added!

TIP: Review It!

“Review it until they know it!” Five to ten minute weekly reviews of singing a learning song, going over flashcards, or reading an educational concept book like Pookie and the Lost Shoe, is a great way to help children recall information with ease and in a creative manner.

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