After becoming an entrepreneur, I have learned a lot of valuable lessons. The largest lesson I have learned centers on being organized in every area of my life.  The more organized I am, the less I encounter frustrating situations  in my personal and business world(s). I know exactly where things are, I utilize a calendar, I document my expenditures, I keep a clean environment,  I label things,  I arrive on time, etc. It dawned on me, that organization is one of the key factors to growth and success. Being disorganized causes you to miss out on awesome opportunities, it allows you to become comfortable with giving excuses, and it leaves you highly frustrated, because you cannot figure out why so many negative situations arise.

Below are 10 reasons why you can’t seem to move forward like you desire when it comes to your personal or business goals!

1. You complete tasks at the last minute and place yourself in stressful situations.

2. You have poor maintenance habits. You do not maintain your website, newsletters, social media, relationships, ect. You are not consistent!

3. You do not keep good records or you jot things down on a piece of paper and then lose important numbers/contacts.

4. You are not organized/clean at home or at work and you do not utilize a healthy routine. I personally wake up, pray, exercise, eat breakfast, check emails, straighten up, and then begin my day! You should have a consistent routine throughout the week, so that the little things stay in order! Those little things can bring big hiccups!

5. You do not understand the true importance of being on time and the positive image that displays to others. Simply being on time and reliable, can lead to people trusting you and investing in you.

6. You don’t keep your word! You are about a lot of mouth movement, but your actions do not line up. Thus, forgetting the promises you made and creating a disorganized verbal realm or circle. Learning how to be organized with communication is very important. Only promise what you can handle and eliminate a lot of unnecessary verbiage. Be organized and get straight to the point or task at hand.

7. You bite off too much than you can handle and add to your disorganized whirlwind. It’s better to set goals and focus on one or two tasks at a time.

8. You are disorganized with your finances, paying bills, and book keeping.

9. You forget to follow up and land the lead, because you are not organized.

10. You do not delegate tasks so that you can keep up with the growth of your company.

Once you become more organized, you will find that life moves a little more smoother. You can make better decisions, you are healthier, more doors will open for you, less frustrating situations occur, you are able to manage stress better, and you will have MORE TIME!

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