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A Kid Who Is Amazing is…Kamasing!

The Kamasing series of music is a powerful and fantastic learning tool that allows children to grasp educational concepts with ease and enjoyment!

“Educational entertainment takes learning to another level!”

“Catchy, engaging, inspiring, and delightful for every child!”

Play the songs in the car, at birthday parties, at home in the classroom, at day care, or simply at your leisure and watch the magic happen as your child embraces his or her love for learning. Let’s change the face of kidspiration and education, and let us all be absolutely Kamasing!

Three Great Pop Motivational and Learning Albums for Kids!

Ages 2 to 6 years

The Verb Song
The Good Morning Song!
Fall, Winter, Spring, & Summer!
Sleep Tight Hello
The Adding Song
Do You Know How to Rhyme?
I am Incredible, Remarkable, & Special!
Seven Days in One Week!
Months of the Year
Count By Tens

Ages 5 to 9 years

Proper Nouns Song
Past, Present, Future
Three’s Song
Plural Song
Let’s Have Some fun
The Noun Kamasing Pop Song
The Pookie Slide
The Synonyms Song

Kids, Tweens, & Teens

The Kamasing Pop Anti-bullying Project has launched! Visit our store to download the single Nothin’s Gonna Hold Me Back!

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