Homeschool Planner Book for Kids




  • This 100-page book features unique content for parents and is flexible to meet the needs of most homeschoolers
  • About Me – A general introduction of your child to include name, age, best friend, pet, and favorite things about them
  • Class Schedule – The ability track to attendance Monday through Sunday
  • Classmate Directory: Name, address, and email contacts
  • Exam Timetable: Showing date, subject, and topics to be discussed
  • Grade Tracker: Date, Test/Quiz, and score to show progress
  • Homework Tracker: Subject, Homework, due date showing complete or incomplete
  • Bucket List: What does your child wish to do while documenting a vision of their imagination
  • Habit Tracker: Habit or behavior notes for each day of the week
  • My Daily Planner: Teaches your child to plan their day based on the weather, mood, and events
  • Reading Log Tracker: Take notes, show date, title. and pages read
  • To-do list: Track anything else that is important to your child’s homeschooling family.