Routines – Why Baby Needs Structure!

Once I found out that I was pregnant, I knew to immediately begin reading to my little one while she was in my belly.  This was my way to bond, and allow her to begin hearing language,  while also introducing her to her first routine of story time with mommy. Once my little one was born, I immediately began a routine to help positively shape and mold her behavior to increase her intelligence.

Why are routines important? Well here are five reasons why;

  1. Routines help to keep baby from being a wild child and spoiled.
  2. Routines also allow children to become responsible and recognize their boundaries when it comes to safety around the house as well.
  3. Routines help to build confidence and independence.  There are many parents who are shocked at what my daughter is capable of doing at the age of 1 years old. From talking in complete sentences, counting to10, recognizing words, and using high vocabulary words, it is all due to the routines that I implemented.

What does an effective routine look like for my family? It entails a prayer time, breakfast time, swing time, book time (3x’s per day), lunch time, nap, singing and movement, free play, bath time, sight word time, alphabet time, math time, and a night time routine. This may sound like a lot, but many of these segmented times are only 10 to 15 minutes. Even if your child is playing or moving around during the language arts and reading times, they are still listening, so keep reading or visually saying/showing the words.

Routines are to be individually designed according to your child and household. The most important ingredient when helping to guide your child into a successful, selfless, and amazing human being, is to eliminate the negativity and negative media in their life. Monitor their friends, have lots of communication, make them fill safe to come to you, and lastly, spend quality family time together. Remember, it is an honor to be able to lead and guide the little children!

Christine Parker- Mommy, blogger, and Dill team editor

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