We Offer Teacher Tech Tutorials

We have new Teacher Tech Tutorials on our Youtube channel, coming soon to our website. Just follow and subscribe so that we can continue to help and support teachers, parents, and kids globally! Visit at Dill Purple Geniuses Learning Channel@ https://www.youtube.com/user/DillPurpleGeniuses/

Dill Kids At Solstice Festival!

Come and join all the Dill fun this Sunday at the Santa Monica Solstice Festival! The Dill Kids Live will be spreading inspiration, fun, stories, give-aways, and more! Lets move and inspire one another together!

Let the Holidays Begin!

Pookie is enjoying her favorite Carmel Frap @ Starbucks to kick off the Thanksgiving Holiday! “This is the Dill life!”

A Huge Thank you for the visit in Glendale!

Thank you Glendale for the visit.. We had a great time spreading a little dill magic to the kids. remember to also follow the dill kids live at kamasingmusic.com .#inspiration #antibullying#storytelling #danceconcert #dillparty #giveaways #magic

The Dill Kids Were Awesome @ Pretend City Children’s Museum!

A big thank you to Pretend City Children’s Museum for allowing the Dill Kids LIve on Tour bring a little Pookie  magic to the kids and parents on Friday ! What an awesome museum and we cannot wait to return next year to Kidstock. It is going to be even better! #kids #parents #inspiration #fun […]