Let the Holidays Begin!

Pookie is enjoying her favorite Carmel Frap @ Starbucks to kick off the Thanksgiving Holiday! “This is the Dill life!”

Traveling with Baby on a Family Road Trip

It’s that time of year and summer is approaching quickly.  What do families do?  Many hit the road to embark on creating new memories in the hot sun and visiting the glistening beaches.  I just recently took a trip with our little one who is only a few months old and it was a little […]

Dill Kids Live @ Los Angeles Wellness Festival!

Dill Kids Live will be at the Los Angeles Wellness festival performing with magician Mayseo at 3pm.  It is going to be great dill magic that every family will enjoy. #inspiration #learning #story-time #dancing and more!  3341W. #3rd Place .. Los Angeles , CA.

Happy Easter! A Family Time Moment

The holidays are a large make-up of todays world and societies (especially in the United States).  This Easter, please remember to spend time with family and friends and acknowledge what is important in life. It is not the materialistic things in the world that keep you happy, but the things that money cannot purchase. Such […]