Traveling with Baby on a Family Road Trip

It’s that time of year and summer is approaching quickly.  What do families do?  Many hit the road to embark on creating new memories in the hot sun and visiting the glistening beaches.  I just recently took a trip with our little one who is only a few months old and it was a little nerve racking before hand while preparing. Why? because the drive was going to be 8 hours looooong. YIKES!  I definitely did not and do not t feel comfortable taking the baby on the plane just yet, however, I want to make sure that we are spending healthy fun time as a family.  Below are a few tips that helped make our family trip a success.

  1.  It is safer to over pack than not be well equipped.  A parent must think about the comfort of the baby, so make sure you pack all that you need to ensure that you will enjoy the trip.
  2. The iPad saved us at the end. The baby did extremely well up until the last two hours. That is when enough was enough and she wanted out of the carseat.  Nothing could soothe the little one until I remembered the iPad and turned on her favorite programs.
  3. You must take breaks.  It is necessary to stop every 1 1/2 hours to breastfeed (if not bottle fed), to allow the baby to stretch, and move around. Pull the baby completely out of the car seat and help the little one move their body to avoid cramping and blood clots.
  4. Pack emergency bottles of milk and a little water if the baby is old enough to drink water. Also, invest in small cooler filled with oversized freeze packs to keep the bottle and family drinks cold.
  5. Speak with your doctor to make sure it is okay to travel.
  6. The travel bassinet was very helpful. There are also travel play pins or you can request a crib at certain hotels. We opted out and just used the bassinet.
  7. Pack for all types of weather. Although the weather was suppose to be warm, there were very chilly days that fell low into the 50’s
  8. Pack medical supplies for the family and baby. for example, baby Tylenol, Little remedies, vitamin d,nose syringe, etc.
  9. Do not forget the toys and little manipulative.
  10. Be extremely organized with everything. the diaper bag, suitcases, GPS, hotel, credit cards, etc.
  11. Get enough sleep so that you can make the drive and keep the family safe.

Enjoy your amazing trip!

C. Parker – Mommy blogger and editor.

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