What to do When Baby Gets Sick

This is what every mother dreads, a baby that catches a cold or virus. No one wants to see their child in pain and it is a little tricky with babies, because you cannot really give them medication.  So, what should you do when baby (from Newborns through toddler age – 1 1/2 -2) becomes ill?


  • Use a nose syringe to help the baby breathe
  • Monitor their temperature
  • breasfeed much much more or give fluids (babies under 8 months, consult a doctor about fluids other than milk).
  • For a fever, give baby Tylenol and use a cool damp cloth on the babies forehead/body.  It will bring down the temperature.
  • If the baby has a fever, do not cover them with lots of blankets.
  • Use baby saline to loosen mucus
  • Do not go out with baby in the air, especially in large crowds
  • Make everyone wash there hands
  • Keep baby away from friends and family who have a cold, cold like symptoms, or getting over a cold or flu.
  • Keep room/area clean and sterilized

When to call the doctor

  • Fevers over 101 degrees
  • Baby is not feeding/eating
  • Baby will not sleep/restless
  • diarrhea/vomiting
  • A Mother’s instinct. It is better to be safe than sorry and you know your child better than anyone.  Also, you can always call a nurse on the phone to receive guidance. 


Continue theses steps consistently until the baby feels better!

Christine Parker – Blogger, Mommy, and Dill Team Member

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