Why Dating Your Spouse Will Save Your Marriage!

Just today, I listened to someone explain how their marriage and family has broken down and that they are now divorced.  It made me feel very sad, because I believe marriage can be the most rewarding gift that an individual can experience.  As I listened, it was quite obvious why the marriage fell apart and I swiftly thought to myself that the marriage could have been saved. In fact, it could still be saved if two people are willing. However, the key word is TWO.  I was just recently given a compliment about my very own marriage and they were wondering what we (my spouse and I) were doing to keep it working.  My response was simple.. respect, great communication, and the biggie, dating.

When you are trying to raise children and make a marriage work, it can be very taxing on both parents.  There are a number of actions that must be accomplished to keep a marriage together, however, dating is one of the most rewarding glues that keeps peace and love between us.  When we show one another the value that they deserve, it allows the seeds of love to continuously be planted and blossom.  Each week, we try to have a family date day and a marriage date night without kids. Taking the time to get dressed up and taking part in a romantic activity and environment, helps to maintain the love between us.  Love is a choice and action.  This is why I believe dating one another is very important in a marriage and helps each spouse to stay focused on one another, instead of allowing someone from the outside to come in and break down the love between them. Practice dating one another and speaking with respect. Avoid nagging, complaining, or pointing fingers and try to compliment more and point out the good things your spouse is doing. This way you watch and appreciate the positive difference that can occur between the two of you. Also, when kids see that their parents are happy, they fill more fulfilled and grow up happy as well.

I will write about how to date in marriage in a future article.

Christine Parker – Mommy, Wife, Blogger, & Dill Team Member!

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