Are You A Smart Device Addict?

Is your smartphone interfering with your family life? Are you addicted to your phone?

The generation today is much different than years ago.  It seems that everyone young and old are wearing their smartphones on their arms as if it were an extra hand. It is a type of technology that many may not have imagined would become a powerful controlling factor in their life.  This small device has the power to do a great deal of good, but also harm to people, relationships, and families.

I came across a Facebook post that had a large poster in a window of school and it read,” Parents put down your phones when you pick up your child!”.  The post went on to explain how parents were picking up their kids while being on their cellphones, ignoring their child as they were eager to share about their day or share what they had made at school.  The visual was powerful and the words as I read them, were very sad. Is this what we have come to? Isn’t it troubling enough that kids do not know how to play using their imagination outside due to technology? Now the parents are neglecting their own children because of this small yet controlling device.

Smartphone addiction is a terrible growing epidemic in many countries.  Here in the United States, it is beyond ridiculous.  People walk with their heads down on the streets and are relying on peripheral vision to guide them forward or they are eating dinner with the device in their hands not giving the time nor day to the people surrounding them.  Smartphone addiction has been damaging relationships and families at an alarming rate and below are 5 reasons why you should put away your phone or tablet and learn how to balance your precious time better.

  1. Paying more attention to your cell phone rather than your family gives off the notion that your phone is more important than they are.
  2. Smartphone addiction causes laziness when it comes to constantly viewing videos and posts for hours at a time.
  3. Using your phone to constantly be on social media can cause depression, loneliness, and isolation.
  4. People who are always on their smart device end up giving in to texting while driving.
  5. Someone who is constantly on their device will have memory and brain issues.  Studies show that constant smartphone use alters your brain in a negative manner and is linked to health complications in the future.  Your mind is limited to one consistent activity and the other parts of your brain ( creative, critical thinking, analytical, etc.) are not being put to good or the average use.

Learn how to balance your time with family, your health, your career, and social down time.  Truly think about what is important, so you can live a life without regrets.

Christine Parker – Dill team editor & world navigator

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