Meet Pookie

Leader of the bunch, spunky, super curious, and never gives up on any sticky situation!

Age: 107,000 Dilltopia Years = 7 years old in Earth Years

Favorite Color: Purple

Dill Super Powers: Pookies trustworthy Zickle

Favorite Food: Dill Chunky Burgers with Speeze

Favorite Songs: The Verb Song & Dill Dill Jungle Berry!

Favorite Dill Quote: ” All Things are Dill Purple Possible.”

Meet Limbo

The Protector of the group – Flexible, friendly, and feels like it’s his duty to keep the dill girls safe!

Age: 108,000 Diltopia years = 8 years old in Earth years

Super Powers: Super flexible limbs and his flying skateboard

Favorite color: Green

Favorite Food: Dillgetti and Tweat Balls

Favorite Songs: Sleep Tight Hello and Ha Ha Dill Bumble Fun!

Favorite Quote: “Never Give up, your dill surprise is around the corner!”

Meet Bubbles

The sweet one of the bunch! Bubbly, goes with the dill purple flow, and is loyal to the Pink!

Age: 105,000 Dilltopia = 5 years old in Earth years.

Super Dill Powers: Blows Super Bubbles

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Songs: Kamasing and Dill YouBe You!

Favorite Dill Quote: “Never let your dill star turn blue.”

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