Where in the World is Pookie?

Pookie and the Dill purple Geniuses are getting in  last minute water fun before summer comes to an end! What were some amazing things you did this summer friends? Draw a picture and upload it to our Arts page!  Remember to make this new school year dill awesome!

Remember to Social Distance!

Where is Pookie? She is getting ready for the holidays by reflecting and socially distancing.  Pookie cannot wait to eat all of that good food for Thanksgiving!

Pookie is going under the Sea!

Pookie is virtually going under the sea to visit and meet different types of sea life. It is so great to sit down and learn about life under the sea and the different water creatures that help to define the planet earth! Lets become great sea geniuses together kids!!

Pookie and the Sea! Jellyfish Galore!

Pookie had an amazing trip at the aquarium. She met amazing jellyfish that seemed to take over. Did you know this cool fact about jellyfish kids? Jellyfish are mostly made of water and they are not a fish. So why are they called jellyfish?  Hmmm. that is something to really think about and Pookie will get back to you on that one!

Pookie is in France!!!??!!

Bonjour kids!! Pookie stopped up north in France in her colorful Bella wagon.  Follow to see where she stops next!

Where is Pookie Kids?

Pookie is on tour meeting new people and places! Right now Pookie is at an infamous bread bakery visiting with an alligator full of dough! Awesome creativity.

Pookie Visits The San Diego Zoo For the Holidays!

It was pretty nippy kids, but Pookie had an amazing time seeing different animals and meeting new friends at the San Diego Zoo in California.  There were amazing animals there that Pookie had no idea even existed.  We are definitely going to write about Pookie’s adventure in the OMG How Can that Be!! blog.  Until then, Pookie hopes you enjoyed an amazing holiday and awesome brand spankin’ NEW YEAR!

Pookie is @ Vision Theater!

Hello dill kids, Pookie is at Vision theater getting ready to perform her very best Pookie show evvvvverrr! A Pookie pointer for you, is that you should always do what you were born to do and steer the way of your heart! All things will happen, if you believe!

Pookie is Learning Mandarin!

Pookie decided to pick up a 10th language and is learning how to write a few words in mandarin. How Dill Cool! Learning about different cultures expands your mind and happiness level kids!

Let the Holidays Begin!

Pookie is enjoying her favorite Carmel Frap @ Starbucks to kick off the Thanksgiving Holiday! “This is the Dill life!”

Pookie’s @The Studio !

Hey there kids, Pookie is at the music studio laying down some hot vocals for the upcoming new songs for the holidays! #songs #newmusic #kidfriendly

Pookie is Preparing for the Snow!

A Dill Brrrrr! Pookie & baby emoji are wishing and hoping everyone on the east coast is staying warm! That winter storm is bringing a dill chill like never before! Thank goodness Pookie brought her magical flower power winter cap, she won’t get cold anymore now! #winterstorm #staywarm #Kids #besafe

Pookie on the Congas!

OMG! Pookie had an amazing time learning how to play the conga drums. These are special drums that have a little history to them. Did you know that the conga drum and it’s rhythms has it origins in Africa and Cuba. It is of a  Afro-Cuban origin. The conga is a descendant of a one or more African drums, which were brought to Cuba and Cuban Cajon.  Now that was great for Pookie to learn about and they sound amazing! They really got Pookie movie’ and groovin’. Now you can go and learn a little about the conga drums kids . You never know, maybe you will become great at it!

Western Pookie!

Pookie is having an awesome time going back in time to the wild wild west! Have you taken the time to read about the west kids? Maybe you will better understand if we say,” cowboys and Indians!” Well, however you may say it, take a leap into time and read or watch a few historical youtube videos that will give you a little more knowledge! Enjoy!

Spring is Here!

Pookie is on the west cost and she is ready for spring at the magical musical fountain! It was way too cold on the east coast with all that snow brrrrr!  Boy oh boy! She can’t wait for the flowers to blossom!

Pookie’s Hangin’ With The Watermelons!

OMG! So many watermelons EVERYWHERE! Pookie had a dill awesome time looking all the different things people do with watermelons. It was crazy fun and interesting.  The contests, carvings, belly aches, smoothies, hat designs, and even learning about how healthy watermelons are for your body!  Pookie is watermelon-ed out!, but made great watermelon friends.

Pookie is in Pookie’s Playhouse

What a find! Pookie is in an oversized playhouse. Boy oh boy kids who wounding love this. Keep following Pookie to see where she visits next!!

Pookie is having a Artsy Ball at the Chalk Festival!

Pookie loves going to the chalk festival to see the fantastic art on the sidewalks. Hey kids, some of you love drawing on the sidewalks with chalk. Maybe pookie can join you and just maybe pokies picture may be at next years chalk festival in Pasadena California. You never know!

Pookie is at the Car Show!

Wooohoo! Pookie was able to see lots of dill awesome cars from the past. Do you know what the past is kids? we have a Past and future song coming out soon for you to enjoy. Pookie loves sharing her adventures with you. Maybe you can take up an interest in cars and start going to car shows too! Its totally vrooming fun!