Dill Purple Geniuses understands the importance of your privacy.  We at DillPG do not require private information to be
collected to view the educational content or products on our site. Nor do we collect private information from children.

Any personal information you share through our Dill Store, is used solely to process your order or specific requests given to
DillPG by the customer. Information retrieved from requests, customer suggestions, or reviews through our contacts page, is used
to process requests and/or to help improve the content of our website. Dill Purple Geniuses keeps all your information private and
we will not disclose your private information unless, we are specifically required to do so, due to a public safety or legal matter.
For example; a crime or if information provided to DillPG suggests that the customer is a danger to himself/herself or another

Dill Purple Geniuses will not use your email address or any other personal information you choose to submit to us, to send you
any unrelated or unsolicited email or ‘spam,’ nor will we ever share your email address and other personal information with a ny
other party.  Very infrequent updates about sale promotions or new educational products is the most that Dill Purple Geniuses
will do. We understand the non desire of overly saturated marketing emails and we will not disturb you in that manner.

Dill Purple Geniuses thanks you for your trust!

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