OMG! How Can That Be?!?

A Chameleon’s Tongue Can Do What!?

A chameleon’s tongue is as long as its body but can grab prey in a fraction of a second! How fast can you catch something?  #science #amazing #facts #forkids

How Fast Does a Hippo Run?


Hello kids, did you know a hippopotamus can run faster than a man? Wow. you really would not expect that when you look at how large they are and how they move at the zoo!  Looks are definitely deceiving.

Are You Serious That Long to Drive to Space?

We just learned an unbelievable fact kids.  It only takes about an hour to drive to space. Yep, it is true! Astronomer Fred Hoyle was the first to point out that if you could drive a car upwards at 95km/h (60mph), it would only take about an hour to get into space. The learning and amazing facts keep getting better kids!

The Queen Has How Many Birthday’s?

Hey there kids! Here is a fun fact for you.  Did you know that Queen Elizabeth has two birthday’s?  Well it is true. The Queen celebrates two birthdays each year: her actual birthday on 21 April and her official birthday on  the second Saturday in June.  Now isn’t she lucky to unwrap double the gifts!

How Big!!!

Did you know kids that the largest living animal is the blue whale, which can measure as much as 100 feet. Now that is very long! I wonder how many cars that would be lined up? Hmmm! Something to think about! We love sharing science facts with you!

A Star Can Spin How Fast!? Wow!

Hi kids! Did you know that A neutron star can spin 600 times in one second. Now that is fast! What is a neutron star? A neutron star is the collapsed core of a massive supergiant star! You can read more about it and the about the universe during your silent reading genius moments!

How Do They Sleep!!?

Oh my goodness kids! Did you know that horses, zebras, elephants, and sometimes cows sleep standing up! Well it is true. Horses able to do this through the stay apparatus, a special system of tendons and ligaments that enables a horse to lock the major joints in its legs. I don’t know how comfortable that would be if we slept standing. What do you think?  Another OMG for you to meditate on kids!

Cream Ice? What is that?

We love ice cream here at the Dill Purple Geniuses! Did you know kids that ice cream in the past use to be called “cream ice”? Now that is truly an antonym and very backwards. It seems, cream ice appeared regularly at the table of Charles I during the 17th century. France was introduced to similar frozen desserts in 1553 by the Italian Catherine de Medici when she became the wife of Henry II of France. It wasn’t until 1660 that ice cream was made available to the general public. The first brush Europeans had with something resembling ice-cream was likely around the 1300s, when explorer Marco Polo returned to Italy from China.Now you know a little history about ice cream and this delight-able sweet desert.

Say What About Thunderstorms!?

Hello kids,

We just learned an amazing weather fact. Did you know that there are over 2,000 thunderstorms on earth every minute?  Now that is amazing. I am really scared of thunderstorms, so just imagine if they were all happening in one place.OMG! that CANNOT be! Thanks for learning more science facts with us and we cannot wait to share mors with you!

Frogs Drink Water How?

Hey there kids, did you know that frogs drink water through their skin?  That is a  pretty amazing about frogs .

Say What About Sneezing?!

Hey there kids , did you know that a sneeze can travel 100 miles per hour? Now who would have thought! That is amazing.

Do Sharks Blink?

Hello there kids did you know that a shark is the only known fish that can blink with both of its eyes? Now that is really cool.

Weird Walrus Fact!

Did you know that walruses can break through eight inches of ice by banging it with their heads? That must really hurt kids! I don’t think I want to do that one any time soon! Found by Eli the kindergartner

Can You Lick Your Elbow?

Hey there kids,

Did you know that it is literally impossible to lick your own elbow?  That is a scientific fact, but I am going to keep trying to prove that fact wrong. lol

Say What About A Shrimp’s Heart?!

Hey there kids! We just found out something super crazy, did you know that a shrimp’s heart is in it’s head? Now that is really amazing!

Yucky Dust!

Did you know that most of the dust in your house s actually dead skin? Wow what a science discovery but at the same time a very disgusting one lol… Yuck!  Now when we visit homes we know what we are breathing.

Birds in Space!

Wow kids, did you know that birds cannot live in space?  They need gravity otherwise they will not be able to swallow.  Now that is is an interesting kid science fact!

Astronaut Applesauce!

Omg! Did you know that applesauce was the first food eaten in space by astronauts? Well it was, and now you can officially say you are eating astronaut food when you eat applesauce!

Can You Say Pablo Picasso’s Name?

Many of the Dill kids have been learning about Pablo Picasso. They took on the OMG challenge of trying to say Pablo Picasso’s full birth name. Did you know Pablo Picasso’s full name is Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso. Can you try to say that kids? It is really tricky.  Good luck!

Say What!!?!! There are how many seconds in a year?

After one of our dill team members did some extensive research on time to feed their curiosity, they found out that there are 31,556,000 seconds in one year. To break it down for you, this means; 1 year, 12 months, 365 days, 8760 hours, 525,600 minutes. We are definitely brainiacs over here and the competition is real kids. Oh my goodness beyond real. lol.

Really? A Hippo’s Milk is Pink!

Did you know that a hippo’s milk is a rose-colored pink? This is because a hippo secretes or releases two types of acids known as hipposudoric acid and norhipposudoric acid. These two acids tend to help keep hippos healthy.  They are a natural form of sunscreen and moisturizer for their sensitive skin and they protect the hippo from harmful bacteria while in the water.  This is why hippos can relax in some pretty toxic water with little health risk. WOW! pink, can you believe it? Keep following the OMG page kids, the facts are starting to get really good!

OMG Snails Can Sleep Like… Forever!!! Well not quite, but keep reading!

OMG this is an amazing science fact. Can you believe that a snail, of all insects, can can hibernate for three years? Three years!!!  This is when the climate is not suitable for survival. However, when the climate is right, a snail can live for fifteen years. This is definitely something to share with your friends. This is incredible!

Fun fact: Satellites and GPS

Fun fact: Satellites and GPS

When you use your smartphone to help you find a place, a satellite helps you get there. The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a group of satellites that orbit earth and send out information about where they are. Each satellite travels in a certain path, like a bus route. The satellite nearest your location will connect with your phone to help you find your way. That is a great OMG!

Fun Facts about Dr. Seuss 

His real name was Theodor Seuss Geisel, but we know him as Doctor Seuss. He wrote and illustrated over 60 books for children. The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham are a couple of the most well-known. Dr. Seuss never had children of his own, but he sure liked to bring joy to kids through the fun stories he wrote.

Longest Snake in the World!


The longest snake ever recorded in captivity is a reticulated python named Medusa. She was measured at be 25 feet and two inches long – longer than a car! This snake was ten years old when she was measured in 2011. There might be snakes in the wild that are even longer. The biggest types of snakes are pythons, anacondas, and boa constrictors.

What Vital Organ Never Grows?

Can you guess which organ in your body never grows?  It’s your eyes!! Your eyes are the one organ that never grows from birth. They stay the same always!

Say What!! Ants do not sleep?

You really do not think about this next OMG until someone points  it out, but did you know, that ants do not sleep! Here is an extended OMG, there are billions of ants in the world and for everyone human being there are 1 million ants. OMG, How can that be?

Berries! Berries!

Wow, I always thought different. Did you know that bananas are a berry? OMG, how can that be, a berry? Did you also know that strawberries are not a berry? When we learned this great science fact, we were baffled! Oh boy, when you think you know something … knowledge is definitely amazing and power kids!

Where Does Gum Come From?


Did you know chewing gum comes from a tree? Well, an important ingredient in gum is called chicle and it comes from a tree. Aztec Indians in Mexico used to chew chicle to clean their teeth. In the late 1800s, a man named Thomas Adams mixed chicle with sugar and flavors and created gum, a rubbery candy that does not dissolve! Now it comes in all kinds of flavors. Wow, another OMG genius fact and we hope you enjoyed dill fans!

Wow! The Slowest Things on Earth


There are a lot of manmade things in this world that go fast. Trucks and trains can reach speeds of hundreds of miles per hour, while spaceships can go thousands of miles per hour. But what kinds of things are the slowest? There are a number of animals that creep along very slowly, such as snails and tortoises. The slowest animal, however, is the three-toed sloth, which can’t move any faster than 0.003 miles per hour. That means they won’t travel more than 100 feet in a day.

Why does the moon change shape during the month?

Actually, it doesn’t. The moon stays the same shape all the time. It is a sphere, just like earth. The moon rotates around the earth while the earth rotates around the sun. It takes 28 days for the moon to go around the earth, and 365 days for the earth to go once around the sun.
Back to the changing shapes of the moon: the reason it looks like a giant ball sometimes, and like a thin fingernail at other times is because of the sun! The moon has no light of its own, but the sun’s light shines on it and causes a reflection. The moon reflects different amounts of light from the sun depending on where it is as it rotates around the earth. Only the part of the moon that is lit by the sun is visible to us. We can’t see the rest of it, even though it’s there the whole time! n. It takes 28 days for the moon to go around the earth, and 365 days for the earth to go once around the sun.
Back to the changing shapes of the moon: the reason it looks like a giant ball sometimes, and like a thin fingernail at other times is because of the sun! The moon has no light of its own, but the sun’s light shines on it and causes a reflection. The moon reflects different amounts of light from the sun depending on where it is as it rotates around the earth. Only the part of the moon that is lit by the sun is visible to us. We can’t see the rest of it, even though it’s there the whole time!


I hope you enjoyed Dill Kids! – Bonita Jewel


Be Careful When You Sneeze!

Did you know that If you sneeze too hard, you could fracture a rib. OMG! ever since we read this fact, we are paying attention to our aaaaaahhh chooooo’s! Something to think about dill friends!

Spirit Bears!

The spirt bear also known as the kermode bear is a rare subspecies of the American black bear living in British Columbia, Canada . Spirit bears are able to birth white and black bears, which adds to their uniqueness. Kermode or spirit bears are not polar bears and while most spirit bears are black, there are between 100 and 500 fully white individuals. A very cool science OMG! 

Did you know Crocodiles……?

Here is a fun OMG kids. Did you know that a crocodile cannot stick its tongue out? We personally have never been that close to a crocodile to see, but it is very interesting to learn about. Keep returning to keep learning about cool stuff that we find!

Dog Nose Print

Hey dill kids! Did you know that just like humans dogs have a way to be identified by prints? Instead of fingerprints, dogs have a unique nose print that identifies them. Pretty cool hunh? So next time if your buddy runs off, they can also be identified and located by their nose.

Elephants Can’t Jump!

This is an OMG interesting fact! Did you know that elephants cannot jump?  Because of their large hefty built and weak leg muscles and inflexible knees, they are not able to jump.  Elephants are also not able to go over 15 mph when they run.

A Pink Colored Lake!

This amazing find has us in amazement.  In Australia, there is a pink colored lake called Lake Hillier. Lake Hillier is a pink lake on Middle Island, the largest of the islands that make up the Recherche Archipelago. Some believe that Lake Hillier’s color, is the result of high salinity combined with a salt-loving algae species known as Dunaliella Salina and pink bacteria known as halobacteria. Those who swim the lake say that it is safe and fun.

You Can Eat Honey Forever!!

Hey there dill kids! Did you know honey nevvveeerrr gets old. You can store honey for years, OMG! let’s say thousands of years!! Ok we may not be around that long, but I think you get the point that honey does not expire like other foods. The oldest jar of honey ever found is believed to be 5,500 years old. WOW! How can this be you say? Well, honey is low in moisture, and the sugars in honey are hygroscopic, which means that they take in moisture from the air. When the heated and strained honey is sealed properly, moisture cannot be absorbed, and the honey stays the same forever.

Kangaroo OMG!

Here is an OMG for you! Did you know kangaroos cannot walk backwards? Kangaroos can jump we all know that, however they cannot walk backwards. In fact, it is almost impossible for them to walk forwards because of their long feet. When they jump, it is called saltatory locomotion and this is how kangaroos move.  Kangaroos can also move quickly from side to side with awesome agility, but they cannot jump nor walk backward because of their thick, muscular tail.

We hope you enjoyed this amazing fact! Knowledge is power and fun!

Blue Flamingos?

Dill Facts:
Blue flamingos have been located in the Galapagos Islands on January 23rd, 2012. Blue flamingos have bright blue feathers, yellow eyes and short bodies and have been named “South American Blue Flamingo”. Only thirteen South American Blue Flamingos are known to be existent across the world!

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The Two Faced Cat

Usually we have a little article to write about the amazing find that we share! But for the first time, ever the Dill Team is lost for words! OMG HOW CAN THAT BE!!!! There are a lot of wonders that we can imagine with this find.

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Pandas & China!

A dill wow! Now this is an OMG how can that be for real! Did you know that China owns all the Pandas in the world except for two, which are located in Mexico. Even if the pandas in Mexico birth baby pandas, those babies must be sent to china and China will own those too.  If a zoo or animal facility wants to rent a Panda, China will lease or rent a panda out for $1million to $2 million dollars.  Now that is aaalooooot of money. I think Pookie will just visit the zoo. Share this OMG fact!

OMG, White Lions!!

The white lion is an amazing animal. Let’s read more kids about the history of white lions and where they are located. Are they real or fictional. You be the judge.

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Wow! An Invasion of Christmas Crabs!

An unbelievable sight kids! Red cabs everywhere!! Imagine seeing thousands of crabs once stepping out your door. Learn about these Christmas crabs, where they originated and how there name came about. Click on the link and remember to click the back button to return to our DillPG site for more fun OMG’s!


Did You Know Pink Dolphins Exist?

We came across this great fascination! Pink Dolphins! Take a peek and click on the link to read more facts. Remember to click the back button to return back to our awesome Dill Site for more OMG’s. Photo by Flickr.