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We are very excited that you have decided to join the Dill Purple Geniuses Homeschool and online educational and entertainment platform. This is definitely the perfect place for kids to achieve academic success, teachers to advance professionally, and parents to build the confidence they need to support their child’s learning experience.


We Set the Stage For Growth and Success!  

The Dill Purple Geniuses is designed to help be a solution to the personalized learning experience of children in any educational setting. If you as a parent desire to take your child’s learning to that confident and higher academic level, then don’t just pass us by, subscribe and become a member today!


  • We provide a world-class and comprehensive online learning platform and curriculum for kids in the areas of language arts, math, writing, reading, art, science, social studies, and more for kids 2 – 8 years of age. Our learning courses are teacher directed to make sure kids are solidly learning the key concept for each academic lesson. Parents and teachers nationally and internationally use our learning platform for academic advancement, tutoring, homeschooling, lesson planning, edutainment, and virtual instruction.


  • We also provide a Kids Zone 5 to 8 years of age and a Preschool Zone for toddlers 2 to 5 years of age that is highly engaging, encourages exploration, interactive, and designed for kids to enjoy after their online academic learning experience. Here children can play games, read stories, watch videos, explore science, and much more.


  • We keep learners engaged by staying caught up with modern times with our amazing world of entertainment for kids.  We have our own animated characters, published children’s series, tv programs, and live performers to make learning not only fun, but compete with what they love to participate in during their personal hobbies and down time outside of academics.


  • We are super BIG on building confidence, providing positive social emotional strategies, and motivating kids to carry the necessary attitude, self-esteem, & positive behaviors or actions, that will give them the drive to become selfless, successful, and strive to utilize their greatest talents within.

We hope you enjoy our educational ecosystem!

Our platform and products are researched based and supported by highly trained educational professionals. Dill Purple Geniuses is designed to assist any type of primary and elementary learner, match the educational strategies of today, and will always be aligned with the standards and guidelines for global learning.


Meticulously designed to help parents teaching at home and educators in the classroom! 


We do not just think about learners, but the adults as well. Parents and teachers  are the key to a child’s social and academic success.  Therefore, we have developed a Teachers and Parents area with galleries, certificates, rewards, bench mark assessments, progress reports, teaching strategies , and lots of examples, to make it easy to support their child or student.


The Auditorium

Our new Auditorium is the heart of the Teachers and Parents area. Here we provide live streams, workshops, and events as a way to give a visual to the HOW? lessons and activities should be taught or presented. We also provide the opportunity for parents and teachers to virtually share their ideas with one another as way to enrich and make the program more relatable, powerful, and ever growing!

More About Dill Purple Geniuses!

Birthed and created from the idea of one teacher and homeschool parent, Dill Purple Geniuses over time has now metamorphosized into an amazing homeschool and online learning platform that provides self-paced resources for learners, parents, and teachers globally.


From the foundation phase or primary level to third grade, our powerful educational and inspirational platform is a not only a supportive tool for parents, but a life saver!


Parents and teachers are sometimes overwhelmed and we are here to ease some of the tension that may go along with teaching a year long curriculum to your learner or if you are a teacher, we are more than happy to become that virtual teachers aide in your time of academic and lesson planning need.


Our self paced homeschool centers on the academics for nationwide and international learners, as well as focusing on our vision to improve confidence and social self-esteem for kids.  Learning not only needs to be fun and engaging, but intentional!


Parents desire for their children to receive the best education possible. We at Dill Purple Geniuses focus on making excellent products, which will assist with the awareness of how education changes and will enable you to keep up with those changes.

Our goal is to also to provide powerful support, encouragement and strategies that will help children master their grade level, while cultivating their inner confidence to dream big and “live life amazing!”


Researched Based and Proven Effective

The Dill Purple Geniuses platform is visited by thousands of  kids, parents, and teachers.  Our amazing team of educational professionals help keep the website updated monthly with new resources, videos, and activities because they listen. The feedback that the Dill Purple Geniuses receives from you our supporters is positively astounding. It is that feedback combined with the humbleness of the DillPG team’s listening ears, that keeps the program consistently growing in a successful direction.

New Resources, Games, and Activities Added Monthly!

Hundreds of interactive lessons, games, courses, books, quizzes, and more!

Over 300 million children worldwide are being homeschooled.

  • Over 90% of homeschoolers studied are glad they were homeschooled.
  • 80% of homeschooled children who were studied said they would homeschool their own children.
  • In the US alone homeschooling increases over 30% as the public school exodus continues.


Myth: Homeschooling will hurt my child’s social skills and mental health.


Did you know that the world of homeschooling has a large ecosystem of social events, clubs,  sports teams, field trips, meet ups, and their own homecomings and proms?


Fact:  There are positives to homeschooling and traditional schooling.


Homeschooling is in no way a negative option but a positive one. It is solely up to the parent to decide what type of schooling is best for their child.


Positive Outcomes To Homeschooling: 

  • Homeschooled students perform much better than their counterparts in formal institutional schooling (private and public).
  • 69% of homeschooled students succeed in college and adulthood.
  • Homeschooled students tend to perform above average on their ACTs and SATs.
  • Regardless of the parent’s financial and educational status, homeschooled students consistently score 15% to 30% higher on these benchmark achievement tests than students enrolled in public schools.
  • Parents can teach at their own pace and set their own schedule to teach.
  • Students can learn at their own pace and conquer any any areas they may be struggling in adequately.
  • No likelihood of bullying
  • Homeschool is very different today and parents can enroll in various extracurricular actives with their homeschool association or homeschool family groups to keep their child’s social skills and newly developed friendships positively grounded and intact.

My two daughters love the Dill Purple Geniuses! They are always going to our neighbor asking when more episodes are airing, because he introduced them to the site.  They think he runs it smile! They have learned so much using this site. Thank you!” — Tina Swan – Homeschool mom of two


“My students start the day with the Good morning Song during our morning meetings on the rug. It is a great way to get the day started. They also beg to go on the Dill Purple Geniuses daily for computer time, to play the learning games. My students can’t get enough!  – Mark Y. – First Grade Teacher

E-Learning Statistics Globally

60% of internet users indulge in online learning.

  • The global industry has since its birth grew by 900% globally.
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality improvements in Edutainment or gamification are paving the way for virtual classes.
  • E-learning enhances the learners’ retention rate to 25% to 60% retention, unlike while having one-on-one tutoring, which has a retention rate of 8% to 10%. This is because one can quickly revisit what they learned, and they tend to have more control over the process.

Our Mission

We the Dill Purple Geniuses are realistic about the circumstances in which parents and teachers must face when providing academic instruction to their child or students. By combining creativity, easier methods of front-loading instruction, innovative technology, resources, a number of differentiated learning opportunities that are engaging, we then become a wonderful support system that helps keep the foundation strong for the entire educational village of learning.

“It takes a whole village to raise and educate a child and student”.

“DIll Purple Geniuses is an educational phenomenon! Our teachers and students love it.” —Miss C Primary Teacher


We are having fun! Teaching my two children at home has become so much easier because of the Dill Purple Geniuses academic website. Thank you! .” —Marilyn G. Parent-