Coronavirus (COVID – 19) and Schools

Dear Dill Friends,

We understand that schools across the country and throughout the world are temporarily closing to contain the spread of COVID- 19.  These times are historic and everyone right now, are placed into positions to work as a team to try to figure out this new normal.  It is a huge challenge for parents to try to implement distance learning while trying to protect their child’s emotions and mental health during this ordeal.  We the Dill Purple Geniuses team are here to help support and provide parents with online videos, worksheets, and educational games and resources too assist with a continued effective online learning experience.

Please take advantage of our free video lessons on our dill tv channel by clicking on the dill learning channel.  There you will find directed lessons taught by a real certified teacher for kids 2 to 8 years of age.  We also have a variety of learning on the kids zone and on our Dill Purple Geniuses Learning Channel Youtube.


We are committed to helping to support you and your child, so please reach out with any questions and concerns.

Please stay safe and wise when it comes to your family.


Your Dill Purple Geniuses Media Team

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