So Your Kid Is A Star! Breaking Your Child Into Hollywood!

Many parents have been asking for articles, podcasts, or videos to teach them how to get started when it comes to introducing their child to the entertainment world. When the Dill Kids Live are out doing shows or on the set filming videos or making guest appearances, like clockwork, we are always getting approached by an on-looker who is interested in their child performing on stage or in the tv studio.  Well, we are happy to announce that we will be producing podcasts and videos which will be coming soon, but until then, below are the top 5 things every parent should be aware of when starting their kids in the acting or modeling business:


  1. Run from the scammers! We cannot stress this enough.  If you are being approached by anyone off the street or in the mall saying they are agents/casting directors and they noticed your child from afar or they are soliciting for clients … RUN! That is never the way a professional agency or casting director will gain clients. There are millions of people trying to make it in Hollywood. A reputable agency affiliated with SAG, AFTRA, and Equity will never go out seeking clients. There is an overall process and professional headshot submission process for all legit agencies.  We will have a podcast on this topic in the future.
  2. Never Pay!  If someone is asking you to pay for an agent, classes, audition, or pictures to be part of their agency, RUN!  Agents and casting directors never ask for money upfront. It is against the union rules. All agents will hire you for a job and then take their percentage after you have booked and worked the job.
  3. Is this something your child really would like to do?   Please make sure that you are not pushing your child Into the entertainment industry.  I will admit there are alot of perks being in the industry, but there are ALOT of cons.  It takes a good mental state of mind when it comes to rejection. It takes strength to undergo the pressure of learning lines and auditioning, and it takes sacrifice along with determination.
  4. Do your research when it comes to headshots!  Please make sure you do your research when it comes to taking great pictures.  There are a lot of photographers hustling out there to make ends meat.  Do not become star struck or manipulated into spending hundreds of dollars on pictures that should only cost you anywhere between $150.00 to $400.00 for awesome professional shots.  Get advice and look at samples of what agents are looking for in a headshot. (We will have a video and article on this subject as well).
  5. Invest in the craft! If your child is a baby then it is a lot easier to get away with not having much on the resume.  However, if your child is 5 years of age and above, please invest in good auditioning, intro to acting, and cold reading classes for your child.  No one is that much of a natural  that they can skip steps. You must know the correct verbiage and ways to stand when auditioning and much more when going in for an audition or booking the job.  Do not waste their time or money, because they have too many other actors to see in a short amount of time. This would be something to surely tick them off ( if we can be blunt).

Please continue to follow us as we give back and provide more articles, podcasts, and videos on breaking your child into the entertainment industry! Never let anyone tell you that you CANNOT because you can!

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