Support Kids and Make Money Teaching! It’s finally here!

Yay! It’s Here!
We are beyond thrilled to introduce our latest and greatest, VideosPayTeachers! If you are looking for a second income and you love to teach or coach, then this is the place for you! We already have instructors signing up to create courses online through our platform to share their talents with the world. You simply create a course, set your price, and demographic! Right now is our soft launch, meaning we are only allowing instructors to sign up to create their profiles and organize their courses. What will we be offering? Kids and adult courses. Meaning academic, extracurricular, business, hobbyist, diy, computer, the arts, and more!  January 1st will be the big launch to invite the world. If you are interested, click below to learn more and sign up to create your course. We will notify you and send out information the first week of December on how to upload and begin! We cannot wait!
Click Here! Yes, I Want To Sign Up! 

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