You may wonder why you never have a healthy savings or enough money to indulge in enjoyable extracurricular life activities.  Many have never truly been able to place a solid grasp on a good credit score nor have learned how to dismantle poor spending habits.  Below are five reasons why you never have any moolaaaah and you are always scrounging.

1. You are trying to keep up with the Joneses.  Who are the Joneses anyway? I have heard about them for years and have never met them. Maybe this should be a strong indicator that you should not spend your money trying to keep up with people you can’t meet up with.  The Jonses are not thinking about you anyway. They are only thinking about themselves.

2. You spend your money on designer items. Why are you making someone else rich, while you still do not have a pot to cook in ( I chose to use the clean phrased version. smile)?  I see individuals all the time sporting a designer product, but they do not own their own home/car, or have poor credit or no savings.  There are lots of amazing looking knockoff items that will still allow you to enjoy the effects of what that item will bring. Only you know anyway. In todays world with the high turnover with products, no one is paying attention nor keeping up with what you have and who it is made by.

3. You are selfish.  Have you ever heard the phrase .. Sow good seed and watch it prosper and grow?  Well, if you are holding on to your seed there is no room for it to grow. All that will happen, is it will wither and die from the weeds and the extra service charge fees that will choke the life out of it.  If you do not share your seed and invest it in healthy soil, you will always find yourself never having enough. and oh, stop eating out and learn how to cook at home. Just wanted throw that one in there. That really chokes the life out of seed.

4. You never check your credit report.  Did you know that many companies have escaped the grips of government and underhandedly manipulate your credit report. You should always know what is on your credit report and the rating/score. Also, many do not know that inquiries bring down your score as well. Be careful who you let run your credit. My advice is, if it is not for purchasing a house, car, or inquiring about a loan, maybe you should avoid it all together.

5. You do not budget and practice putting a specific amount of money in your account every month. Stick with it and watch your money grow!

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