It’s About The Benefits, Not The Benjamins!

As I age, I realize that life hits everyone. You never know the cards that will be dealt to you.  One big aha moment, is maturing and understanding that working for money should not be your sole focus. It’s also the benefits!

Did you know that one surgery or hospital stay for more than a few days, can dry up your savings if you are without insurance? The bills for an ambulance ride, hospital stay, doctors visit, medication, and more, can be absolutely outrageous. As someone who works in the corporate world, you can clearly find yourself in a tricky health situation if you are run down or enduring stress on a consistent basis. As you grow older, you tend to feel new bodily uh oh’s and “where did that come from?” which leave you wondering, should I go to the doctor or wait this out? Whether it is an arthritic pain, strained back, carpal tunnel, acid reflux, diabetes, stress, etc., it all requires medical attention. Plus, don’t forget to mention the costs of your regular check ups.

You can get paid a truck load of money, however, if you do not have good insurance you will find yourself frustrated! Your pockets will be hit tremendously hard and you can forget about that trip to the Virgin Islands! Be wise and do not just work for money, but also for solid benefits. Apply for jobs that have strong benefit packages, or invest in a great benefits program/packet as an entrepreneur for yourself and your staff. I advise anyone in the work field to load up on as much coverage as possible. For example, health, dental, vision, disability, life insurance, etc. It is better to be safe than sorry. I know of individuals who have had to go back to work at 6o something years of age, because they did not secure their benefits. Nowadays, you have to think longterm and think about your future, no matter how good you feel right now.  Will you have in-home support coverage? Will you have pharmaceutical coverage?  Do you have coverage that will support nurses or physical therapy for a long period of time and not temporary?  It is not just about right now, but also tomorrow. Start paying into your future, the days turn fast and do not wait for anyone.

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