Your Marriage or Your Job!

Life gives us a number of opportunities on our journey. Beautiful opportunities in fact … if you are the type of individual to take hold and pursue. Sometimes the exhilarating amount of opportunities that are out there can fog our vision and allow us to slip blindly into something that may throw off our priorities.  I hear and have heard of a number of spouses who complain that they feel terribly lonely in their marriages. Some may wonder, how does someone feel lonely when you are married and have a companion there with you everyday? The fact of the matter is, there are many single people in the world more fulfilled than a spouse who is feeling neglected and overlooked.  One culprit for this feeling is placing something of lesser value over what is far more valuable …. like a career.

Sometimes we can get on the career bicycle and begin peddling, deceiving ourselves that we are working long hours or away on trips to better the family. However, it is simply a habitual and selfish move.  At the end of the day, your family comes first and the career second. At the end of the day, one must truly develop the courage to stand up for their spouse and in may cases the children who love and need them.  What is your priority when it comes to your family and career? Do you have balance? or are you lacking the drive and heart for your family, that you place other people and your work before them. Remember when you fall, your job nor those non-related individuals will be at your bedside to help pick you back up (especially if your fall is for a long while).  It is okay to have and love your career, just simply remember your priorities and how to say no at times. Learn how to give that beautiful portion of you back to your family!


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