Six Great Indoor Summer Ideas to Keep Your Kids from Getting Bored! 

Six Great Indoor Summer Ideas to Keep Your Kids from Getting Bored 

If your child’s summer break has started, you have most likely heard them make that dreaded statement: “I’m bored.”

You might want to tell them, “Then clean your room,” or “Help me make dinner.” Of course, getting them to help with chores on a regular basis is a great idea. You definitely want to be teaching your children how to take on age-appropriate responsibilities.

But you also want them to have fun and enjoy their summer vacation.

Maybe you need a few indoor summer ideas for kids. Perhaps the weather is just too hot (or too rainy) outside, or you need them to stay occupied while you get a few indoor chores done as well.

If you’re having a hard time figuring out where to start, here are a few indoor summer ideas for children:

Film a video:

These days, nearly every phone has a camera. Your child can use a phone camera, or you can pull out that old digital video camera or camcorder and let them have fun with it. The options are many:

  • Your child can put together a family video.
  • They can make a stop-motion video with toys or stuffed animals.
  • Your children can film themselves performing a play.
  • They might try their hand at videoing magic tricks.
  • Or an endless number of other fun filming options.

Make pipe cleaner crafts:

All you need are colorful pipe cleaners, glue, and a few puff balls and squiggly eyes, and let your children loose. They can make caterpillars, miniature teddy bears, butterflies, and all manner of other creations.

Plant an indoor garden:

With containers, soil, and seeds, you can teach your child much about gardening. They can even plant dried beans, peas, or chia seeds that you already have in your kitchen. Let your child find a sunny spot near a window to place the project and make sure they water the seeds daily.

Paint rocks:

Whether you use water paints or acrylics, your child can have a lot of fun creating a delightful painted rock garden, which you can then place indoors or outside.

Build an indoor tent:

First, grab a few sheets, some boxes, and clothes pegs. Then, carve out some space in your child’s room, the living room, or family den. Your child will likely figure out the rest. Everyone loves tents!

Make ice cream:

This project might take a little more hands-on attention from a capable adult. Here is one homemade ice cream recipe that requires an ice cream maker, but there are other ways to make ice cream. You can simply pour the mixture in a large mason jar and place the closed jar in a larger round container. Pack it with ice and rock salt. Have your child roll the container back and forth (and back and forth and back and forth) until the mixture thickens, and you will have ice cream!

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