Six Great Outdoor Summer Ideas to Keep Your Kids Busy!

Six Great Outdoor Summer Ideas to Keep Your Kids Busy

Everyone wants to enjoy the summer – especially children. And if the weather is nice, there’s nothing like spending a few hours outdoors with your children. Sunshine and togetherness make for a happy family.

Lots of people – kids included – spend too much time on their phones or in front of the television. Maybe you told your child to play outside, but they said there was nothing to do outdoors.

Well, here are six outdoor summer ideas to get you started.

Go fly a kite.

Mary Poppins had the right idea. Kites are easily available to buy, or you can try your hand at making one with your kids. Wait for a day you have an outdoor breeze and see how high your child can fly that kite! You’ll probably want to take a turn as well.

Take a midnight stroll.

Okay, so it doesn’t have to be midnight. Just after dark is fine – especially for young children. You don’t need to be walking anywhere in particular. Simply strolling in the moonlight is exciting enough. Point out stars or constellations. Listen to the night sounds and discuss how they are different than the day. Enjoy the cooler temperatures once the sun has fully set.

Play in the sprinklers.

Doesn’t every grown up have a memory of running through sprinklers, getting wet and cooling off, and spending hours at it? This activity not only refreshes your child and gives them a fun summer activity to do, but it also waters your lawn. Win, win.

Nighttime hide-and-seek.

Yes, here’s another one where you’ll have to wait until the sun goes down, but it’s worth it! Even parents will enjoy finding the best place to hide in the dark and seeing who can stay hidden the longest. Ready, or not …

Play water balloon sports.

There are plenty of sports that involve a ball of some size or another. Try replacing the ball with a water balloon and your excitement level will go up a notch. Water balloon baseball. Water balloon basketball (just shoot hoops; don’t bounce it). Or water balloon volleyball.

Go for a bike ride.

You might have told your child, “Go ride your bike,” after he said he was bored for the tenth time today, but what about heading out together for a family bike ride? You’ll get some exercise, your child can show you his favorite bike paths, and you can create some memories together.

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