Vaccinations To do or Not to do?

I hear and read a great number of confusing information on the topic of vaccinating, that honestly left me petrified when it came to my own baby. I went through a state of mental stress when wondering if my baby would be harmed from the vaccinations or not.  I even know individuals who opted out of giving vaccinations and swear that their kids are healthy and okay without the the shots.  However, I also hear stories on parents did not give vaccinations and when their child got a little older, and actually caught something, they had to be admitted to icu.  As the time finally did approach for my baby to have her first set of shots, I was furious and panicked at the same time. My spirit was telling me not to go through with it and maybe I should research more  and I even brought it up to the nurse, but she simply brushed it off and said it was ok.  Well, it was not okay.  My baby got very sick for two weeks and to the point where she had difficulty breathing.  As I doctored on my sick child, I looked into her eyes and said, “baby, you will NEVER have to worry about that happening again”. What did it come down to,  I felt my baby was given too many shots (in my opinion) at one time.

Just 5 weeks ago it was time for her next set of shots for four months, so I decided to be wise about it and do things differently.  2 shots at a time every 2 weeks and It was the best decision I ever made.  I believe that children do need their vaccinations, but you do not have to take so many at once.  Since my pediatrician shared that it was absolutely okay to administer 2 to 3 shots at a time, my baby has not cried or gotten a fever or ill since.  I had to change doctors, because when I asked our prior doctor if it was okay to administer 2 shots at a time, she said yes, but she did not like doing that way.  Well, news flash, I believe it is the comfort/health of the child that is more important. I mean what if all the things that they say vaccinations may cause is simply because a baby is getting too many shots at once? That is a thought that has crossed my mine.

My last word:  Every parent knows their child better than the doctor. You are observing your baby and comforting them 24/7.  Do what is good for your child and do not let anyone force you to do something your spirit or gut is shouting to avoid.  There are some babies who can take all the shots at once, but there are some who get sick.  I went ahead and took my own motherly internal advice and I am happy and baby is happy! It is simply about being happy:)


Happy parenting!



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