10 Ways To Know You Are With Someone Who Truly Loves You!

Life is pretty tricky when it comes to trying to pick a good mate or companion. People can portray a certain personality in the very beginning, but allow that same personality to die away once they crossed the totally committed line. We can never control another individual, so it can be pretty frustrating when you invest your time and energy into someone and they turn out to be more of a negative influence than a positive one. When dating or even when you are already married on a life committed journey, there are certain red or green flags that can determine whether you are with the right person or not. Below are 10 ways to help identify whether you are with a life long mate in which you can cleave to.

1) They listen to you and they do not blow off what you are saying. They pay attention and try to cater to what you are sharing. The right mate will also treasure what you share with them and never bring up your private thoughts to throw it back in your face at a later time. When a mate is sharing information, it is never for you to repeat it, but it is because they simply believe they can trust you with personal challenges or joyous moments that they had to face on their life journey.

2) They truly try to make you happy (by the way this should go both ways) and they enjoy your company, never becoming weary of you.

3.) They speak to you kindly and with respect, never downgrading their communication to what I call “Sibling communication”. That is when they talk and begin speaking to you without respect and like a sibling. Unfortunately, when one person begins this, they have already placed it in their head that they do not respect you like they use to. It is very difficult to get someone to be kind to you or respect you once again, when they have disrupted the code of love and respect.

4) They are honest with you and you are honest with them. A good companion will never believe that you are lying about anything you share. They will trust you and what you share with them. Once that sneaky head of suspicion peaks out, that is when doubt and unfaithfulness begins to take root.

5. They are willing to remove all past romantic influences and people out of their life without making an announcement about it. They perform this action because they are led to do so by their heart and because of the love they have for their companion.

6.) When you are on a date or on a romantic outing together, they put away the social media devices and give you all their attention. They let you know that you are very important and top priority in their life (and they want to be top priority in your life).

7) They come to your defense and protect you and your feelings. No matter how classy or corky your mate may be, they will always protect your heart and feelings. When in the presence of others, they will not speak against you, tease you, tell others about your private flaws, or downgrade you by joining in on the side with someone else. showing off by using your mate as the doormat is never appealing. Therefore, never gang up on your mate. An individual who truly loves you will also love everything about you. They will never tease you about your physical make-up or flaws and they will protect your heart in all areas.

8). They speak life and encouragement over you and the relationship. They surprise you with words of love, admiration, and physical intimate affection. Once any of these acts of love or kindness has broken down or been compromised, it is only a matter of time before each one of you resents one another and the relationship begins to unravel. No one can survive the emotions of unhappiness especially in a lifelong relationship.

9). They do not mind servitude. Each mate is designed to serve one another. The moment someone complains or lashes/takes out negativity against you during this phase, the love wall has been cracked between the two of you.

10). The two of you can laugh together no matter what situation you may be enduring. Always remember the saying ….”This Too Shall Pass”.

Overall, I recommend that people should not fall for a false interpretation of love. Although there is no perfect blue print to a perfect mate, because no one is perfect, it still takes two individuals to work as a team to conform and adapt to a beautiful relationship. And while I believe that no one should settle for less and should walk away if they see blatant red flags, if two people are willing to work, modify, and listen … Then All Things Are Possible and you should Never Give Up! Never bail out on your relationship or locating the right person who loves you for YOU!

From the inspirational thoughts of Jennifer Lawrence

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