How To Move Forward When You Feel Worn Out!

Life can deal some very hard punches. It can even look as if some people are experiencing a better life than what you are dealing with. I can assure you that the outside smiles of others is in many cases an illusion. Meaning, they have had some hardships to endure themselves. It is just how they responded to the hardships or their positive outlook that has kept them happy. No one person has the same life handprint. Everyone has their own road to walk and own rocks, valleys, and storms to endure. I can admit that some people may not have as many rocks or storms due to poor choices and/or decisions, but nevertheless, they still had to endure and press through.

The frustrating thing about storms is that they hit hard and sometimes unexpectedly. These are multiple storms that come so swiftly that they are leaving you possibly worn out. Maybe you are a mother who is taking care of a family alone and trying to make ends meat. Maybe you are in a marriage that is wearing you out and you are unhappy. How about being someone who is lost in negativity and fear with a worn out mind frame. Some are simply battling a physical ailment while trying to pay bills or maybe caregiving for a elderly family member while trying to take care of themselves.

Are you lonely and living a life in hurtful silence? Are you making bad financial decisions and becoming swallowed up in debt? Are you experiencing one hardship after another and wondering whether you are under a curse? The list of storms can continue and you may feel like this is your lot in life, but that is not the case. You are a person of destiny and you deserve the best that life has to offer. Below are a few tips to help you get started with breaking free from the worn out stage so that you can live an exceptional life!

  1. Pause and find a quiet place daily to rest your mind. Whether for 15 minutes to 30 minutes or even an hour a day. Resting your mind and gathering your thoughts is important to not go over the edge.
  2. Stop worrying! It is not the end of the world. Life has a great way of working itself out. Everyone’s situation gets resolved some way or another. Good and bad situations always get resolved.
  3. Prioritize what is important to tackle first.
  4. Complete two to three tasks a day to overcome the situation . Little by little chip away at your problems. This can be as simple as a phone call, answering an email, xeroxing /faxing a document, paying off a small bill, washing clothes, organizing a closet, going through one box, working on your credit score , walking around the block to lose weight, eating a salad for health reasons, etc. Two to three tasks a day multiplied by 30 days a moth is 60 tasks accomplished. Do not overwhelm yourself.
  5. Seek support and help.  If you are a caregiver for example, seek out other caregivers to see how you can get government support, meals on wheels, access, etc. If you are a mother with children, ask the school office for outside parental resources and support or look into resources on your own in your community /state to help assist you as a parent. Believe it or not there are lots of support groups, money, resources, and meet ups that can assist all economic backgrounds of parents (not just the lower income families). If you are an entrepreneur and you are worn out from trying to get your company off the ground, seek support groups, networking organizations, mentors, and apply for grants to assist you in your endeavor.
  6. You are not a machine. Take breaks! Whether it be for a day or a week, take periodic breaks and do not think about whatever it is you are going through to rejuvenate and get back in the grind.
  7. Think positive. No matter how grim things look, take on the mental thought that you deserve greatness and no matter how hard and no matter how long, believe that you will achieve your beautiful life rewards. You will accomplish your purpose in life. The more you think negative, the more your life situation looks larger than life and you become overwhelmed and miserable. Engage in positive thinking and replace the negative with the positive to eradicate the habitual behavior of thinking negative.
  8. Pray, meditate, or do yoga. Engage in something that will release (in a positive way) the stress that you are enduring.
  9. Get rid of sour friends and jealous company. Some people like to see that you are down and wallowing in misery. Prove them wrong by not letting them in on your problems and dismiss them from your life. Surround yourself with people who are going to help pull you out of the pit.
  10. Get up daily understanding that each new day is a new opportunity for you to do what you were not able to do yesterday. Each new day is a new beginning.

Overall, there is no time limit. Do not feel pressured or stressed that you have to get out of any sticky situation by a certain time. It is man and even ourselves that place standards or deadlines upon a situation . All you have to do is avoid looking around at others, stay focused on yourself, and keep moving forward until you get what your heart desires!

” Rocks may crumble and fall, but you can use those same rocks to climb to the top of your very own custom made mountain!”- Jennifer Lawrence


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